Episode 7: Shaun from All Puppet Players

We chat with Shaun from All Puppet Players and what their company is doing to help their folks survive the pandemic, including weekly Livecasts!

Episode 6: Quinn-terview Southwest Shakes

How the leadership of Southwest Shakespeare is weathering the COVID-19 storm.

Episode 5: Richard II and Lady on Fire

Check out our newest episode where we talk about the all-female version of Shakespeare's Richard II at Southwest Shakespeare Company and the French film "Portrait of a Lady on Fire."

Episode 4: Wolves and Bombshell

This month we look at the film "Bombshell" in conversation with "Wolves" at Stray Cat Theatre in Phoenix.

Episode 3: Sing Street and Starlight

Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.

In Dialogue

Each month we attend a movie and a live theatrical presentation and put them in dialogue with each other - just to see what it brings up in conversation.